Document Creation

We can streamline the lien release/assignment process for residential and commercial loans to meet your needs. We are able to prepare documents with ease using our CLOUD-BASED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT system that stores the latest district requirements, so documents are created per current county specifications. Lien releases and assignments are only two of the many document types we can create (see list below). And with a corporate resolution or Power of Attorney, we can sign on your behalf to further expedite the process.

Additional services of interest to handle common document preparation obstacles:

  • Document Retrieval for missing required information
  • Buyer/Seller exception remediation and tracking
  • Custodial file ordering
  • Vault services
  • Document recording

Documents we create:

  • Assignment of Mortgage
  • Corrective Assignments
  • Recissions/Erroneous
  • Gap Assignments
  • Assignment of Leases and Rents
  • Assignments of Assignment of Leases and Rents
  • Lost Assignment Affidavits
  • Confirmatory

Note Endorsements

  • Note Endorsement/Allonge (including Puerto Rico)
  • Note Certification
  • Lost Note Affidavits
  • Lost Endorsement Affidavits


  • Release of Mortgage
  • Partial Releases
  • Release of Assignments of Leases and Rents

Other/Misc Documents

  • Subordination of Mortgage

Document Recording

We offer a wide variety of nationwide document recording services for both the residential and commercial industries. We keep up to date with the latest district requirements which reduces rejections. Our CLOUD BASED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT system stores the latest district requirements needed to ensure a document is recordable – before it is sent for recording!

The range of services:

  • Client/Third party created document review (to ensure the documents meet recording jurisdiction requirements)
  • Calculate recording fees
  • eRecording (where available)
  • Mail in or courier delivery
  • Document confirmation reports
  • Imaging/Indexing
  • Walk in recordings

Document Retrieval

We can obtain recorded documents from any recording jurisdiction across the nation. We can obtain many types of documents or research the district for specific property information.

  • Regular recorded copies
  • County Certified copies
  • Lien Position Searches
  • Tax identification information
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Post-closing documents
  • Assignment verification
  • Release verification

Utilizing online resources and our nationwide network team of abstractors we can offer a quick turnaround time. In Addition, we also work with title companies nationwide to obtain title policies that are missing from the file, endorsements, etc.

Lender Tracing

We will coordinate with historic entities to perfect the chain of title. Our system holds a database of contacts that have moved, changed names, were assumed, merged, etc. Where accepted a Lost Assignment Affidavit can be created for those signors who no longer exist.

Utilizing our other services, we can:

  • Perform collateral file review
  • Obtain missing documents from the recorder’s office
  • Record documents nationwide
  • Create any document needed

Document Tracking

Upon receipt of a download of loans that are most commonly in default, we will generate a request of the custodial file from the custodian and serve as a liaison between your attorneys, lenders and custodians. Once the files are received at our location we can provide:


  • Secure upload to FTP site
  • Document data boarding
  • Image all valuable documents
  • Chain of title review
  • Document creation
  • Document recording
  • Note Certification
  • Tracking documents to and from attorney with a bailee letter
  • Vault Services
  • Exception reporting
  • Exception curing
  • Customized reports
  • Trailing documents
  • Receipt tracking
  • Double verification of collateral file shipments

Utilizing our other services, we can obtain missing documents, fix incorrect documents, conduct signor searches and document recordings.

Collateral File Review

We offer a complete scrub down of your loan file and/or images to ensure they are clean and exception free. All documents will be verified to ensure they meet recording jurisdiction requirements. Missing and incorrect documents will be provided on the exception report with a solution to fix the issues located.

  • Pre-Purchase file review
  • Physical file review
  • Data capture
  • Review from Images
  • Image/Indexing
  • Customizable exception reports
  • Exception tracking and curing
  • Physical file vault storage

Using our other services, we can cure exceptions in house and work with third parties needed. We can act as a liaison between you, buyers, sellers, servicers and custodians.

Imaging Services

We provide Collateral File Imaging services to keep an electronic record of your loans files to assist in disaster recovery efforts or auditing requirements. You can obtain images of your collateral files on our secure website allowing you secure access 24/7 anytime from anywhere. Choose from complete collateral file to individual documents that can be indexed accordingly.

Vault Storage

Richmond Monroe offers Secure Records Storage to protect your physical files, plan for disaster recovery, maximize space and increase project efficiency. Physical files are delivered and once received are imaged, indexed and assigned a location that is captured in our cloud-based document management system to ensure your documents are safe 24/7. Our vault is protected by a secure key card management system and only accessible by authorized staff. The vault is temperature controlled with a fire suppression system housed within 6-inch walls for document protection. We provide an easy check in and out system for documents or files and can pull and ship all or any part of the collateral file at the direction of our clients.

Specialty Services

Financial Analysis Services for CMBS, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, Life Insurance Companies and Transitional Lending Products.

Financial Statement Entry/Review
Entry/Review of financial statements including property income statements, property budget statements, rent roll, occupancy reports and personal borrower financial statements.

Financial Statement Reconciliation
Reconciliation of financial statements of property operating reports to determine the reporting accuracy for the fiscal year end, year to date and monthly reporting periods.

Financial Statement Analysis/Review
Analysis/Review of financial statements for the following property types: retail centers, office buildings, multi-family properties, hotels and health care facilities, etc.

Commercial Insurance Policy Review/Verification
Review of commercial property insurance renewal policies to determine if each policy has the required coverage types, amounts, exclusions, policy expiration terms and mortgagee clauses.


Richmond Monroe Group provides easy and secure upload and download capability on our secure client portal, available 24/7. View your orders and keep track of your projects in real time.


A client service representative is assigned to our clients from the very beginning, throughout completion, to oversee and act as your own personal concierge with any project and budget.


Safe and secure facility with vault services, fire suppression systems, internal and external surveillance systems, key card system and authorized entry point of access all monitored 24/7.


Richmond Monroe Group is an SSAE 18 SOC I compliant company that complies with all security, policies and procedures, to protect our clients and their data.

About Us

Richmond Monroe has been providing services for the commercial and residential mortgage loan servicing industry since 1994.


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