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Richmond Monroe Group, Inc. is a national provider for the commercial and residential mortgage loan servicing industry delivering document services including lien release, assignment preparation and document research, for over 25 years. As the needs of mortgage servicing have changed, our experienced team has expanded our offerings to the industry making us an invaluable asset to our clients. Nevertheless, our number one goal is to provide nothing less than excellence in quality and client satisfaction.

Richmond Monroe Group is nestled in Branson West, Missouri alongside the majestic bass fishing capital of the heartland on beautiful Table Rock Lake, the jewel of the rural waterways of the Ozarks. Doing business in a rural area has insulated us from most of the unprecedented events of 2020, in direct contrast to more urban areas.

As an essential business located in a rural area, we were able to remain open when other businesses were forced to shut down to protect their staff and communities. We implemented our pandemic plan with great success, which allowed us to continue working through difficult circumstances. Utilizing our cloud-based document management system, a great majority of our staff worked from home. Those unable to work from home remained on site. This allowed us to continue to meet our service level obligations with no interruption in service, without compromising the safety of our valued staff.

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We keep abreast of relevant trends and changes in the industry including the latest district requirements across the nation.


We treat each client with the utmost respect. We listen attentively to their needs, providing solutions that align with their goals.


Our relationships with clients extend beyond the click of a button. We offer solutions and help guide our clients towards their goals.


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About Us

Richmond Monroe has been providing services for the commercial and residential mortgage loan servicing industry since 1994.


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